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Dongfeng cummins: quality win the trust

Dongfeng cummins: quality win the trust
Strong brand usually carrying higher loyalty, to product the user not only based on rational choice, more strong affective commitment. Dongfeng cummins products with its high reliability and fuel economy, has won a large number of users, which reflects the strong brand "strength. Recently, the author visited shanxi giti tire companies, the logistics enterprise already and dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD., hand in hand for 15 years, and it's more than 150 trucks are used dongfeng cummins engine, due to the dongfeng cummins engine products have high quality and timely proper maintenance, engine running mileage close to or more than kilometers is still no overhaul, the real truck economic benefits developed acme. Coal transportation a big test "YuXian surrounded by hills for low the ecoenvironment south east, north, many mountains and deep valley, complicated topography of the adaptability of the truck engine put forward higher request. At the same time, coal transportation process cinder and dust is easy to cause air filter plugging, if midway for engine failure cause goods can't timely sent to the destination, the loss of the company one can imagine." Giti tire staff said. Dongfeng cummins 5.9 reliability and stability, to survive the harsh conditions of carriage and dust environment test of 15 years. The modular design concept, make the dongfeng cummins engine parts number than the other 30% less, not only reduce the wear between the parts, but also reduce the probability of failure. At the same time, dongfeng cummins engine every new handsets before they leave the factory experience extreme conditions of pressure test, and also makes it more than face dust environment still reliable as usual. At the scene, staff have opened one of the car hood, after start engine makes clear and powerful voice, who can think, this is a have to run more than 1 million kilometers of the cummins motor engine. 15 years of careful maintenance In the past 15 years, from the Ⅰ emissions standards to the kingdom of now 3 emissions standards, giti tire company every truck assembly is dongfeng cummins engine. A car and YuXian and shijiazhuang distance about 350 kilometers, the 150 car back and forth every day a total mileage reached 50000 kilometers. Such a high strength work, carefully professional maintenance necessary. Truck mileage each additional ten thousand kilometers, the professional maintenance staff to engine routine maintenance, such as fuel filter, air filter, special oil and other maintenance a replacement. In the parts replacement, giti tire all adopt the dongfeng cummins 8.3 repair station buy original accessories. Especially the summer, in order to prevent high temperature and long time running the engine damage, in all water tank cleaning. Giti tire as the relevant personnel said: "dongfeng cummins product I rest assured, match again with professional maintenance, I can save worry." Quality bring market Shanxi is China's coal province, due to the market demand, domestic natural become their trucks and spare parts of enterprise competition. Since 2009, dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD. Set up commercial counsellor's office, the implementation of the marketing resources lead since, dongfeng cummins has setup the datong and YangQuan two predicaments, relying on quality and service has accumulated the user resources. At present, dongfeng cummins isb has YangQuan area occupies 50% market share. Only a YangQuan YuXian, dongfeng cummins engine is about the ownership of more than 4000 sets. Giti tire from attendance statistics chart can clearly see: more than 150 vehicles have been maintained a high attendance rate and low failure rate, no doubt to the enterprise to take more income. It is reported, giti tire company recently purchase 67 units equipped with dongfeng cummins engine truck, and has already begun to open up the market, other than shijiazhuang operating tools optimization push giti tire enterprises great-leap-forward development. Similarly, in taiyuan, shanxi shortly before the motor show two coal logistics company direct order fifty station equipped with dongfeng cummins truck. Along with the dongfeng cummins 6ct brand influence and marketing move deeply, giti tire such loyalty number of users will continue to expand.

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